Thanks for stopping by.  I'm pastor of First Baptist Church in Dupo, IL.  You can visit the church website for information on the church: www.fbcdupo.org.  Here I hope to share some inspiration and perhaps a few tales from the winding road…this journey called life, where God can be seen in the moments of our day if we are looking for Him.  ~Roger~ 

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Thought for the Day

Even when we don't sense God's presence, His loving care is all around us.

Words to live by...

Those who seek Him will praise the Lord.  Let your heart live forever!
Psalm 22:26 

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Do I Have To Read Leviticus?

Many Christians feel that reading the Old Testament is that important.   However, the Old Testament, including Leviticus, offers background and even contrasts essential to grasping the New Testament.  While Isaiah challenges us to seek God, he also promises us that God's Word accomplishes what the Lord wants it to accomplish.  Scripture is alive and powerful, and it is useful to teach, correct, and instruct us.  God's Word never returns void, but sometimes it is not until later that God's words come to mind as we need them.

The Holy Spirit uses the truths we've stored from reading or memorization, and He helps us to apply them at just the right time.  For example Leviticus 19:10-11 speaks of business competition and even caring for the poor.  The Spirit can remind us of these concepts, and we can use them, if we've spent time reading and contemplating that passage. 

Reading the Bible turns our minds into storehouses through which the Spirit can work.  That's a great reason to read Leviticus and the other 65 books as well.


Under God

Every parent knows the difference between rules designed primarily for the benefit of the parent and those designed for the benefit of the child.  God's rules fall into the latter category.  As Creator of the human race, God knows how human society will work best.

The Ten Commandments are rules designed primarily for our benefit.  Jesus underscored this principle when He said, "The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath" (Mark 2:27).

The Bible is a most realistic book.  It assumes human beings will be tempted to lust after a neighbor or covet someone else's property, to work too hard, to strike out in anger at those who wrong them.  It assumes humanity will bring disorder to whatever we touch.  Each of the Ten Commandments offers a shield of protection against that disorder.  We have the freedom to say no to our sinful inclinations.  By doing so, we avoid certain harm. 

Taken together, the Ten Commandments weave life in this planet into a more meaningful and structured whole, the benefit of which is to allow us to live as a peaceful, healthy community under God.


Your Spiritual Pipeline

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline stretches 800 miles through Alaska.  Because it was built through an earthquake zone, engineers had to be sure the pipe could withstand earth trauma.  They decided on a network of Teflon sliders designed to ease the shock when the ground moved below the pipes.  Engineers were delighted when the first big test came.  In 2002, an earthquake occurred causing the ground to move 18 feet to one side.  The Teflon sliders moved gently to accommodate the movement without any damage to the pipe.  The key was flexibility.  

The believer's spiritual pipeline to heaven is built upon firm trust in God.  But if we are inflexible in our expectations of how God should work, we can run into trouble.  In a crisis, we can make the mistake of shifting our focus from God to our painful circumstances.  Our prayer should be, "God, I don't understand why You have allowed this painful situation.  But I am trusting in Your ultimate deliverance despite all that's going on around me."  The psalmist expressed this so well when he wrote: "My soul trusts in You . . . until these calamities have passed by" (Psalm 57:1).

When the earth seems to move under us, let's be flexible in our expectations bur firmly confident in God's steadfast love and care.


Stolen Thoughts

Sometimes, in the motion of the moment, our minds play tricks on us.  We think our loss is worse than it is.  We may feel like the songwriter David who, in the confusion of the moment, thought God had forgotten him. 

When David later recalled what he knew rather than what he feared, his sense of lose turned into a song of praise (Psalm 13:5-6).  His renewed joy foreshadowed what is now ours to recall: Nothing can rob us of what is most important if our life is "hidden with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:3).


Good For Nothing

When Jesus reproved the church at Ephesus for abandoning their "first love" (Revelation 2:4), it was because they were doing a lot of good things, but not out of love for Him.  Although they were praised for their perseverance and patience, from Christ's point of view, they were being "good" for nothing.

Good behavior should always be an act of worship.  Resisting temptation, forgiving, serving, and loving each other are all opportunities to tangibly express our love for Jesus --- not to get a star next to ourname or a pat on the back. 

When was the last time you did something "good" out of love for Jesus?